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Yersinia pestis

It is always interesting to look for weaknesses in any device, specially when the device is like a black box for most people...

Little Drummer

Alfredo Andrés Omella (Slay)
Slay works as a Security Auditor in Spain. He is an avid fan of good movies and music, as well as a fan of the exquisite meal :)
His favourite sentence is: 'Es el mismo perro con diferente collar' (It's the same dog with different necklace)


David Barroso Berrueta (tomac)
tomac enjoys playing around with everything, even with network protocols :) When not riding his mountain bike facing multiple dangers and enemies, he usually works with his colleague Slay as a Security Auditor trying not to break anything :P
His favourite sentence is: 'Es lo bonito de la vida' (That's the beauty of life)
Web page: http://juanitofoo.blogspot.com/

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