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NOTE: Current Yersinia version is 0.7.1
Yersinia pestis

Where can I get help?
There is no official support for yersinia, but you can try to send an e-mail to yersinia@yersinia.net and wait if something happens.

Where did the name come from?
No other bacteria, perhaps organism, had so much of an effect on human history as Yersinia pestis, the bacteria that causes plague. Many outbreaks of plague have caused death and population reduction throughout history. The most famous, however, was the notorious Black Death of medeival times that killed one third of the population of 14th century Europe. People watched their family and friends die with sickly buboes (swollen lymph nodes) on their necks and a color near black all over their bodies, caused by respiratory failure. People who contracted the disease and were unable to fight it off died within three to five days. (taken from http://members.aol.com/omaryak/plague/)

How do you dare to implement a tool for doing nasty things?
Hey! take it easy. We are pen-testers, so we need this little proggie for making chaos in our customers networks. Running yersinia to do "bad things" is not recommended and could cause inestability and serious troubles to your health.

Wtf? This crappy software does not run in Windows.
No, it does certainly not. Perhaps some nice fellow could port yersinia to Windows and make you happy.

Where can I download yersinia?
Try http://www.yersinia.net. Downloads section.

How can I build yersinia?
Do a './configure', and then 'make'

When will be the 'put_your_preferred_os_here' supported?
When someone (like you) help us compiling and patching Yersinia

How can I install yersinia?
Do a 'make install'

I've resized my window and yersinia is displaying crappy data!
Please press Ctrl+L to clear and refresh the screen

There are some fields in the packet that don't display their meaning!
A: Please, use the best tool for dissecting packets: ethereal.

I'm unable to switch between different protocol windows!!
To switch between protocol windows you must use the function keys. Unfortunately the way function keys works is different with different terminal emulations. If you have problems with the function keys enable some other function keys emulation in your client terminal software, e.g.: On PuTTY select Terminal -> Keyboard and mark "The Function Keys and keypad" as "Xterm R6".

Why the hell the ncurses interface has a lot more options than the Cisco interface?
Man... we are developing this proggy out of work time, it's just a matter of time... Anyway you can try to help us... :)

Arrgggghhh!!! The proggy crashes 'ad infinitum', is this a f*ck*n' sh*t?
First of all thanks a lot for your invaluable opinion... :-P On the other hand, we are *NOT* professional developers... By the way, have you noticed the proggy version (0.5.x)? :-P Anyway you can send us a patch solving the problem and you will get your 5 minutes of fame... :D

Who are you?
A couple of good friends and coworkers who enjoy a lot to play within the network security field. By the way we like a lot the spanish food. :D.

You are so handsome!!! I want to meet you in real life.
Girls are welcome. But take into account the following sentence: 'If you spend more time sharpening your axe, you'll spend less time chopping wood'

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